Goodwill – Sourcing Buy by the POUND

{need to find pictures to this post/ lots of technical difficulties w/ my electronics.}

Attempt 50061.

So, this is kinda interesting… Goodwill… Buy – by the pound. I didn’t take a picture of my car… but basically, I had stuffed (overflowing) full – about 4 BIG trash bags and 4 or so paper bags… I will make sure to document better next time.

I still very a little odd, not sure “why” people are there… but like me, for various reasons…

–The Quick & Dirty Deets–

These new fangled phones… seriously.








Ahh, here we go. So I was trying to get a picture of the prices & people — w/out having someone come at me w/ a photo disclosure contract.  I actually wasn’t charged any of these prices – but you get the idea (& the discretion of the cashier)


Oh good, another (better) shot of prices & chance to have someone give me the evil eye!

As you can see, that is a bin full of STUFF. I believe someone was buying this stuff- who knows. it all looks the same.  Just make sure, if there is a “blanket/ sheet,” or some other covering: LEAVE IT ALONE IT IS NOT YOURS.


Here (below) is what people are doing… some wear gloves. I did, the kind that Dr.’s wear and they promptly ripped.  I do have some gardening gloves… but – it’s all dirty and I did get a scratch and haven’t gotten a staph infection (but it is early).

At the top of the hour, they bring in “new goods” (on top of – some – old junk from the last go around, but not too often).

If it has been at any (surrounding) goodwill for longer than 6 wks, it comes to this place. after “people” (myself included, it can get a bit frenzied) they turn it into mulch or something. It is very orderly, I was kinda warned about non-Wednesday (regulars have other things to attend to?!)

I found the whole second experience – the same. Though I didn’t have some woman talking to me about shoes she liked, while I was trying to be nice- then realizing, she is crazier than myself… (slowly move on).img_5258


So this (below) is the good part. Top of the hour and we are all herded behind the yellow line. Where a VERY serious person yells the rules and then, like school lunch, releases sections. Um really? Are we really trying to be civilized at this point in the game?

But people seem game. & I don’t really care. The entire time “new” items were coming out, there was only one thing I wanted, and someone else got it, which was fine, b/c I do not need another jewelry box (& it was kind of big!)

img_5261img_5260Then the magic moment is yelled and pretty much, whoever is standing in front of a bin, already knows what they want.

For every “full” bin, next to it, is an empty one, toss the stuff you do not want, into that “empty” bin.  As you can imagine, it doesn’t stay empty very long.  There are VERY VERY heavy items. I didn’t have overly aggressive people that particular day, so it was generally OK.

I was the last person to leave. But the guy right before I left, had arrived at 6:30 in the morning to get in line… I guess they let some people line early? I don’t know & right now, don’t care enough to feel indignant, lol.

need to get to HW.

but my total was 58.xx and I had 82.2 pounds that I was buying (that includes tax). I could easily see where this could become an addiction. But – We will see how I feel once we move.  I actually prefer Estate Sales~

This place closes at 2, which is nice for me… CUT OFF at a reasonable time… I can shop forever!

Leave me a comment if you have ever been to one of these, or have any questions!!!





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