Junk jewelry 

Unlike on the bay- these guys really do NOT go through & take all the good stuff… though I’m sure the do a quick peek for high value- but it’s gotta b easy to see- & more than likely – consigner prob especially pointed it out-

So this is 20$ in junk jewelry- if I can ever get caught up in… anything- I’ve got a million $ to sell in jewelry!!

The front opened was 10$ – the smaller bag to L, 7$ & big gallon ;not close to full/ just descriptive) 5$ & prob worth the most. I will post the best items…

I also wash all my jewelry- including JC charms, in oxy & hot water & rinse & rinse some more.

I didn’t do that when I first started buying/ but got a junk jewelry bag & it smelled like gross playground metal. 

My JC charms / necklaces look brand new. It’s amazing.  I HAVE lots a stone here or there- but worth the trade off 


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