CHECK IT OUT – my new storage display system!

An Addiction to Juicy Couture Charms

I have been trying out different ways to store my charms for quite some time now but never found something I was 100% happy with. I know a lot of fellow collectors use a massive jewelry box but i didn’t like how that system looked – I suppose I need more of a “wow” factor than a regular jewelry chest. I am also pretty tight on space, so I didn’t want to commit to something that took up a whole corner or occupied my entire dresser. Other collectors use a shadowbox display, which is more similar to mine, however I am a perfectionist so I wanted my version to look more professionally polished and uniform.

As a result of many attempts of trial and error, I now have my charm storage display system. Each display box can hold up to 49 different charms, which sit on hooks that I installed…

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