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So I have gotten a new follower or two through my Pintrest page… I still get crap — just not as much… so some of this will be in retrospect.  I am having nerves– “opening” my closet…

Currently I am on a “work trip.”  One that I am funding myself, given I don’t have a job.  Plus who knows if I will graduate, rate I’m going…

So here is something to keep you tantalized … (I’m at the mercy of Dropbox/ iCloud/iPads/iphone for pictures, since I’m writing “live” and “on-site” of my workplace city…

#yardsale #score #blueandwhite #gingerjar #OnLineJunkBuyer

$12.00 ONLINE “yard sale” Fine



Juicy Couture Scottie Logo

Juicy Couture Scottie Logo

Testing my Pinterest Link…

I also have done the first step of taking pictures…

i’m about to upload things to SELL.

the point of these integrated social sites is

1) sell

2) see cool things i buy (& some u might just find … gaudy or ugly, good for me… but not your taste!)

3) share my new found love #Juicy Couture.

let’s see how this goes…

Master of time-wasting!

Well.  hFile Jun 12, 5 41 55 AM.pngave a lot to do. But I won’t get specific.

Let’s just say, lots of shopping was done.  and then a whole lot of trying to “connect” my sites… b/c ultimately, i want to SELL some of my “stuff” so i can buy NEW stuff…

make sure you check out my Online Junkbuyer page… that is my main thing and i’m going to bounce around from there.

so, a couple pictures of stuff i bought.

i’m into the “local” online shopping… there are a few.  but until I get my “closets” going… and SOMETHING done w/ my HW.

let’s just say this…


my new thing.  got this one-

well it’s at the top of the page.

$12 bucks.  i know it says $10 but i offered $12. bc there were three other offers… and i she responded to ME. it is about 12″.


I got a 24″ vase at a thrift store (saw it online or I would never have gone in again…) for $7.99,  & two $0.99 vases

and then I got 5 vases- was SUPPOSED to be two for like… 45 and ended up getting like 5 vases (one of them 24″) and a 12″ inch egg  (it is beautiful.  it broke — i’m just gonna say THEIR FAULT) but, sorta mine b/c i saw it wasn’t secure… blah

it fixed fine.

i guess i will take pictures tomorrow.

this IS a bling page.

will get on that too.