Friday the 13th and 4 days to (start) finish paper

Chihuahua jeweled necklace & JGive this a few days… if you are interested in shopping or blingy crap and some not so blingy crap (to me).

Plans that may or may not come to fruition, but the urge to organize and document and check “one more time…” — instead of doing what I need to be doing… something for school!!!




& it begins

First Day(s)

So I am going back to school, hard to concentrate after having days upon end as my own…

so what is one to do?  SHOP.  I have always loved amazon and have always been a great bargain hunter… having lots of time on my hands (in the past).

I have no idea how I came across the site that started it all– but it’s pretty much been — an adventure ever since.

Follow Along…

obsessive, like to hunt, & I’ve got another year of school (i.e., lots of shopping ahead)



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